Gate Services

We have more than 25 years of experience working in this field and have performed installations and repairs on residential, commercial and business properties in California. Our trained technicians are available to answer any problem that you may experience We offer a quick repair service 24-hours a day and installations for all types of gates in the Ventura CA area.

Gate Installation and Repair for every scenario

We provide a full solution to all of your gate requirements at reasonable prices. We install swing and sliding gates that are fully automatic. If you’re looking for a manual option, we have a selection of simple and sliding gates, as well. They are on the economic side and have less moving parts – therefore much more longevity and durability.

Most property owners have a hard time deciding which gate is right for them, so our professionals always give meaningful insight on the type, material, and model that’s best for you. Our gates will provide your property with safety, style, and incredible convenience.

With a remote opener, you will never have to get out of your car to open the gate ever again. Also, don’t forget the value your property will gain.
We also repair and replace old gates. In case you would like to upgrade an older system and modernize it, or replace the gate entirely, we have licensed technicians for every job. We answer your calls in Ventura CA at any time.

Reliable Gate Technicians

We install and repair rolling doors for storefronts, as well as automated electric gates for commercial warehouses, driveways and parking lots. We also install and repair manual gates that are operated by hand or chain links, as well as any part and feature such as gate motors, remote control receivers, security sensors, and torsion springs.

Sliding Gates

We offer the perfect gate selection for anyone looking for an automated driveway gate system. Sliding gates are an excellent choice as they operate with a single gate opener system despite their size. There is a bit of flexibility with sliding doors, too, as we can install either a track or a cantilever system. Engines of these gates aren’t as powerful as with other gate systems because the tracks carry most of the weight when in action, and the engine merely pushes the gates on the slider.

Wooden Backyard Gate

Swing Gates

Swing gates are highly economical and straightforward to install. They are stylish and give your house a great look while still offering excellent protection. Electric swing gates open to the sides and are best installed in situations where there isn’t enough space for sliding gates. As these gates hover above the surface, there are no additional tracks or accessories necessary, making the installation flexible and quicker. If you want an electric swing gate, it’s important to note that they do require a strong engine to move the whole weight of the gate.

Automatic Gates

Having an automatic gate lets you park your car without stepping out. Just hit a button on your remote, and the gate will open, quite elegant. Queen installs a wide range of different gate openers that allow you to enter your garage or courtyard with style and ease. If you’re looking to automate your gate, we’re the team for the job.

Gate Automation

If you have an old gate you love, or just recently purchased one that isn’t automated, that doesn’t mean you can enjoy the functionality of an automatic one. We install a variety of automation systems and electric kits for gates with various voltages and power. It’s entirely possible to install these systems on most entrances and experience great convenience. We install motors and systems from reliable companies with warranties, and our technicians are certified to operate with them. A bad installation can spell much trouble down the line, so make sure to only work with trained professionals.

Gate Opener Repair

The most common problem with automatic gates is when the opener malfunctions. It’s a significant inconvenience, but a simple one to repair. Our technicians will pay you a visit and inspect the motor. Malfunctions usually occur after some time, as engines wear with time, and many elements can exacerbate the process. Weather conditions can damage the electronics, and short circuits commonly happen with improperly installed or exposed openers.

Engine failures may occur unexpectedly and are common with second-hand purchases, or those from bad manufacturers. A broken engine can jam the door in place. Repair costs of engines vary on the type and nature of the problem, and in many cases, there is no other option than a complete replacement.
We try to offer our customers the best solution for their budget, and free quotes are available at any time if you give us a call to inspect the gate.

Gate Maintenance

Having trouble with your gate? If it’s been a while since you last inspected your opener or gate structure, it’s possible a problem has occurred, but we are here to help. Many mechanical and electronic components of gates wear out, and improper maintenance can break down unexpectedly. Steady maintenance will save time and money and pay itself off many times over.

In case your gate is giving you problems, consider giving Queen a call. Symptoms could include slowed operation, motor noise, or intermittent jamming. Our technicians can repair or place any part at minimum expenses, in one day, done right the first time.

Bent Metal Gate

We specialize in fixing any problem caused by:

  • Wear and tear, including corrosion, including weather-related issues.
  • Gates that fail to open or close properly, jamming at times.
  • Faulty sensors and gate remotes
  • Gates, which are vandalized or broken by accident.

Additionally, we also offer regular maintenance agreements to prevent trouble or malfunctions and ensure the longevity and functionality of your gate.

How we conduct new installations

We will send a surveyor to you, and his job is to ensure the feasibility of the job, reach an agreement on the requirements you’d like, and measure the property. He will measure the required space and check foundations if necessary, and you will receive guidance on selecting your new gate. We always inform our customers of all regulations pertaining to the job, including those for electrical installations and underground pipes if gate foundations need to be drilled into the ground. You will be fully informed every step of the way.

After all the measurements in the area have been conducted and checked, we reach the stage of architectural planning. Some gates we have will need to be processed, cut to size, or get custom elements installed. We maintain incredibly strict quality controls of all products we install for our customers and only deal with reputable manufacturers in California.

After we ensure the gate is perfect for your residence, we will deliver it and install it timely and without a leftover mess. Don’t worry, we make appointments before we drop by!

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