Electric Gate Repair

Queen Gate Repair is always at your service for emergency electric gate repair in Ventura CA. We come to your aid as quickly as possible with our 24/7 support and help your day function normally, even in the case of a sudden gate problem. All you have to do is call and talk to our friendly technicians. We will take care of everything else, from inspection, repair, and quality control. 

Gate repair team you can always rely on

Unlike many companies in the business, we strive to only work within your budget and suggest options that are best for your pocket, not for ours. 

Having an electric gate is no longer a luxury. They’ve become widely available as a solution for safety and functionality.

Electric gates will generally accompany your property for years, but no matter the build quality, they have their downtime. Electronic components have a limited lifetime, which can be decades-long, but as electric gates are opened and closed thousands of times every year, the average lifespan is around the same duration as that of the warranty. Always go for reliable manufacturers if your budget allows you to.

If your gate does malfunction, do not get anxious, often it’s a simple glitch causing the issue. Check if your remote’s batteries are charged and if everything is connected correctly. The manufacturer will usually have a support department to help you out with basic troubleshooting. 

Common problems with Electric gates

If troubleshooting over the phone isn’t enough, you’re dealing with a more severe issue. Complex malfunctions will require professional repair or replacement. Our repair services cover all electric gate components, and we install factory new replacement parts from the best manufacturers.

Command Panel Repair

The command panel box contains delicate electronics that are subject to wear and tear short circuits or glitches. Our technicians are certified in electronic repair, and generally, command panels can be repaired without replacements. In cases where replacement is necessary, we will try to only fix the specific components inside the box if the whole board is not damaged. In any event, we will give you a professional diagnosis and estimate before proceeding. We always keep our customers fully informed.

Access Control Troubleshooting

Command panel problems often carry over into access control problems. It’s possible for the control panel to be functional, but due to a glitch, the door access controls won’t function. Generally, access control can be regained with simple troubleshooting. In the worst-case scenario, after a factory reset and reprogramming, the system will be fully operational again. 

Mechanical, hydraulic and electronic problems

The more complicated a gate is, the more parts there are that can go bad. Gates with advanced mechanisms or systems with motion sensors sometimes glitch, rendering the gate completely stuck. Our team is capable of performing almost all repairs the same day, on the spot. Describe your problems to us over the phone, and we will dispatch technicians with proper tools and parts. In case of a significant component going bad, we usually have many spares in stock, so check your gate’s manufacturer or model when calling. 

Physical Damage

Damage can come about from car accidents, falling trees, or vandalism. A structurally damaged gate will be challenging to close and lock properly, and delicate electrical parts may be damaged as well. Our certified welding technicians can repair your gate and hinges. 

Engine Malfunctions

The engine is the heart of the electric opening mechanism. Most problems with electric gate originate in engine issues, especially with older models that were installed over a decade ago. Engines have a lifetime, and after ten years of constant daily activity, you can expect the wear-off to build up enough to cause issues in operation. If your engine is producing strange noise, or the gate is much slower than it used to be, if not even getting stuck sometimes, let our technicians know.

We perform repairs of all electric gate engines and install new ones from the leading manufacturers in the US. If the problem is not severe, we will try to restore maximum functionality. Old engines, though, should at some point be replaced. It is one of the more expensive replacements, but modern engines are of higher quality and are thoroughly tested. After your new engine is installed, we guarantee you’ll have at least ten years of fantastic issue-free functionality. 

Regular Maintenance 

Regular maintenance of your gate will contribute to early detection of problems. As soon as the first signs of issues are diagnosed, our technician will make their priority to take care of your gate. A fast response will reduce the potential damage in the future, and lessen financial strain. If you would like a regular maintenance plan that involves diagnosis and checkups, we offer flexible plans within your budget and time schedule. 

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