Automatic Gate Repair

We perform automatic gate repair services in Ventura CA area at any time, as fast as possible. Queen does installation and repair of automatic gates on your schedule and budget. If you’re looking for emergency service, call us right now, and we will respond as fast as possible. We take pride in reliable same day service at any time. Just describe your problem and leave us your information.

Automating Gate Repair Service you can trust

Automating gates offer a new dimension of convenience at your home or business property. Being able to access the driveway with a click of a button or with no action at all is pretty handy. Automatic gates are an excellent choice for public buildings, hotels, offices, drive-through businesses, and shops. Though, all of this convenience can sometimes transfer over into a whole lot of headaches and stress when things don’t work correctly. If this is the case, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

We fix all possible automatic gate problems

Our team is experienced and trained to put up with any gate needs you have. Communication comes first, so we inform you of everything you need to do, every step of the way.

The most common gate problems you will experience are the following, all of which we will quickly repair.

Gate is Inactive

This usually means that the motor has stopped working, or possibly the remote won’t function properly. Some things you can check are remote batteries, and if the motor is still plugged in properly, and if the breaker is switched on properly. In case the motor is the culprit, it might be possible to repair it, and we won’t advise replacing it if it’s unnecessary. Motors can last upwards of 10 years, and if you would like to get a new one from a trusted manufacturer, let us know.

Gate won’t close

If the gate doesn’t close, it’s as if there’s no gate at all. To avoid security issues, call us right now. We will thoroughly inspect the wheels, tracks, and electrical components. Your gate will be functional the same day to make sure your property is safe.

Gate making strange noises

Strange noise can include both loud grinding noise, and weird sounds coming from the electrical components. Beeping sounds may be related to low battery, improper wiring, or glitches in electronics. If dirt, rocks or debris has gotten into the wheels or tracks, sliding the door may produce scraping noise.

Whatever the cause is, we will inspect and clean the gate. If the electronics are at fault, our technicians are certified to repair electronics and will reinstall the system properly.

Issues related to the environment

Low temperatures can cause problems with gates as well. Freezing and water seeping into cracks can mess up or damage electronics. Dirt, leaves, and rocks can get stuck in the wheels or tracks and cause the door to jam or slide slowly. Additionally, physical damage such as getting hit by a car or lighting strikes can cause issues to arise.

Vandalism or tampering is also a risk factor depending on where you’re located and can cause gates to stop working or get pushed off of tracks. Corrosion can occur in a humid environment as well and will require scraping the corroded areas and polishing them again.

Maintenance for Automatic Gates

If you would like to get help with regular gate inspections, let us know. We have flexible maintenance plans to help you locate any potential risks early and keep your gate free from corrosion. Regular maintenance can save you repair costs and downtime by finding problems before they become severe. Whether it’s private or commercial property, we will ensure everything runs flawlessly 365 days a year.

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